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Pet Education

As an AAHA accredited veterinary facility, we are committed to taking a comprehensive view of overall pet health. We want you to understand what is needed to maintain proper pet care as well as to understand any potential problems occurring with your pet and how to treat them appropriately.

Our pet education page has been created with you in mind, giving you access to dozens of health articles and an ongoing database of helpful, healthy resources!

- by Kali Murbarger, Veterinary Assistant Our hospital mission  is "striving to promote healthy pets through highly educated owners."  When considering my blog entry for this Thanksgiving, I reflected back to our hospital mission and my mind began racing!  My thoughts were prefect- sharing knowledge of what holiday foods can be unsafe for your pets!! ...Read More
By Kara Holden, LVT Here at Woodland Springs Veterinary Hospital, we are so excited and eager to help you with your pet’s dental health.  We strive on educating our clients on all animal related topics, knowledge is power!  So here are some fun facts about dental health: Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed and ...Read More
By Kara Holden, LVT In light of May being cancer awareness month, I would like to share with everyone one of our most beloved patient’s life story. Woodstock is a 7 year old Boxer that has had an amazing journey beginning as a rescued dog previously labeled a ‘fear biter.’ In his new home, he ...Read More