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 Hospital Policies

Our veterinarians and management team developed hospital policies to ensure the safety and well being of not only your pet, but for all patients at Woodland Springs Veterinary Hospital.  Below is an outline of some of our policies that are followed nearly on a daily basis:


  • Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  We accept cash, check with identification, visa, mastercard, discover, and american express.  Payment plans are available through application with Care Credit.


  • Any patient being handled by our staff must be current on its rabies vaccine.  Exceptions are made when vaccinating an animal is not in the best medical interest of the pet.  An example would be if your pet is sick and not current on its rabies vaccine, the veterinarian will most likely treat your pet’s issues, and recommend vaccinating at a later time.  If your pet is healthy enough to be vaccinated against rabies, and you decline vaccinating, then the veterinary staff will be unable to provide the requested or necessary services.  This policy is to ensure the safety of our staff members by limiting their potential exposure to rabies.


  • When many animals are exposed to one another, even if simply by sharing the same air, it is imperative that those staying together are protected from common viruses and intestinal parasites.  For this reason, it is necessary that we require all canine patients staying in the hospital, either for boarding, hospitalization, surgery, or a simple drop-off to be current on their rabies, distemper/ parvo, and bordetella vaccines, and have a current negative fecal test.  Feline patients staying in the hospital, either for boarding, hospitalization, surgery, or a simple drop-off are required to be current on their rabies and feline distemper vaccine.  This policy   gives our pet owners peace of mind knowing that the other animals in the hospital are appropriately vaccinated.


  • All patients boarding at the hospital will be checked for fleas and ticks.  If external parasites are present, the patient will be treated with medication to kill the parasites immediately.  This treatment is at the pet owner’s expense, but effort will be made to contact the pet owner prior to treatment. Because pets are often being boarded while owners are traveling and/ or unavailable, if the hospital cannot make contact, the patient will still be treated.


  • In order to refill chronic medication, your pet must have been examined by one of the WSVH Veterinarians within the last year in accordance with the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) statute.


  • In order to refill heartworm preventative, dogs must provide proof of a negative heartworm test within the last year.  Heartworm preventative is just that – a preventative, and not a guarantee.  In order to ensure the medication is actually doing what it is supposed to be doing, an annual heartworm test is required.


This list is provided to help avoid confusion at the time of your pet’s visits to our hospital.  Should you have questions about your pet’s care at any time, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance or clarification from any of our friendly staff members.  We are always happy to help!