Woodland Springs

Veterinary Hospital

(817) 431-3735
11715 Alta Vista Road, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Open Hours on Thursday: 7am - 6pm Employment Opportunities

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This is Purina’s Website for Dog Owners.

A website devoted to Older Dogs

The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation—The AKC Canine Health Foundation is the largest non-profit funder of exclusively canine health research.

The American Kennel Club’s Guide to Recognized Dog Breeds

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals – Canine hip dysplasia screening and testing organization.


Cat-Related Sites

The Winn Feline Foundation—Dedicated to the health and welfare of all cats, the Winn Feline Foundation funds feline health research.

Information on Cat Shows, Cat Breeds, Cat Care and a showcase of top winning cats.

Needs, Information and Problems Concerning Your Indoor Cat, Ohio State University’s Indoor Cat Initiative.

The Internet Guide to Feline Diabetes

Heartworm is not only a disease for dogs. Cats can get heartworm. Learn more by visiting KnowHeartWorms.org or The Feline Heartworm Society.


General Pet Sites

Operation Kindness—The oldest and largest no-kill shelter in North Texas, Operation Kindness cares for homeless or unwanted cats and dogs.

The American Dog Trainers Network—A comprehensive resource for pet owners and professional dog trainers alike.

Delta Society – The Human/Animal Health Connection.

Looking to Adopt a Pet? Are you looking for a Lost Pet? You can do both at PetFinder.com. This website is updated daily.

ASPCA Poison Control – for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Growing Up With Pets – How to help parents foster strong, healthy relationships between their children and their pets.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council – Dedicated to informing the public about parasite infections between animals and people.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition – Information about nutrition and health care for pets of all ages.


Pet Loss Information

Tufts University offers a Grief Support Hotline and articles regarding the loss of a pet.

The University of Illinois Grief Support Hotline


Traveling with Your Pet

Visit DogFriendly before you plan your trip.