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Santa Is Coming! All Donations Benefiting Angel Fund

The only annual fundraiser we have for the Angel Fund is just around the corner in December!  We invite a very special man to join us at our hospital.  Santa Claus will be graciously visiting us on Friday, December 13 from 12pm to 6pm, and Saturday, December 14 from 10am to 2pm for Pet Pictures with Santa.  We would love to see those in our community with their fur babies for this special event.  The cost is $5 cash donation per pet, and all contributions go to the Angel Fund.

In a normal day, our veterinary team is encountered with pets in many different states and stages of life.  We see the bouncing puppy one minute, and within the next hour, may perform a wellness screen on a healthy older cat.  Our team may be involved in educating pet owners on proper ear cleaning to allergies, then deal with a life and death emergency.  But this is a normal day.  Our team is educated, trained, and experienced in all of these matters.  Most of the time, finances are not a major factor when decisions are made regarding healthcare.  But every once in a while people fall on hard times and need a helping hand.  While we are not a rescue group or a humane society, our veterinarians are sometimes faced with managing very sick patients without the financial means.

Seven years ago, we started the Angel Fund.  The concept is very simple.  This fund is for our clients and their pets that just happened upon a difficult financial time, when their pet is in a desperate situation and needs medical care.  The pet will be nominated for the Angel Fund by a staff member, and a veterinarian can resolve the pet’s problem.  Some of the pets we have helped include a dog with a broken leg, a cat with a severely infected abscess, a dog that was hit by a car, and a dog whose hip would not stay in socket.  We use the funds donated to the Angel Fund in combination with discounts from the Veterinarians at our hospital to help these wonderful pets. And of course, kudos to our very caring clients!

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