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Canine Gold Plan

As pets age, their veterinary care needs change. As you can imagine, the health care needs of young and middle-aged dogs are remarkably different. The Canine Gold Plan includes all wellness items such as necessary vaccinations, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite checks and dental cleanings.

During the annual dental cleaning, we perform dental x-rays to look for underlying problems we cannot detect with the naked eye during physical examinations. We also use a specialized tool to check for blood pressure changes every year.

When we carry out annual blood work for our Gold Plan members, we check major organ function, get a complete blood count and check the thyroid using 11 chemistries.

We believe in preventative care for pets of all ages. We conveniently distribute all of this annual veterinary care into monthly payments over the course of one year.

Gold Plan

  • Age Guidelines
  • Breeds under 35 lb: Age 6-9 yrs
  • Breeds over 35 lb: Age 5-7 yrs
  • Annual Wellness Examination
  • Rabies
  • Distemper – Parvo
  • Leptospirosis
  • Bordetella
  • Heartworm/ Tick Borne Disease Test
  • Intestinal Parasite Screen
  • Annual Wellness Blood Screen
  • (Chem 11, CBC, T4)
  • Semi-Annual Wellness Exam
  • Intestinal Parasite Screen
  • Pre-Anesthetic Blood Screen
  • (Chem 10, CBC, Electrolytes)
  • Eye Pressure Check (Tonometry)
  • Dental Prophylaxis
  • Dental Radiographs